The 805 Lacrosse Academy training program is designed to give young players the essential tools to be successful on the field. The training sessions are organized by levels in a learning progression where players will learn core fundamentals and build up to more advanced drills and techniques. Sessions will group players of the same age and skill level, and enrollment is limited to a maximum of 8 students. The training system will give each student the individual attention and instruction they need to become an outstanding lacrosse player. Each training will consist of 6 one-hour sessions and each student will receive an evaluation at the end of the sixth session.

Training Levels

The 805 Lacrosse Academy curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each individual player and provide the instruction and feedback for maximum improvement.  

Level 1- Intro Level

  • Ideal for the first time player or players with less than two years of experience. The goal is to introduce basic fundamentals such as stickwork and ground ball technique in a fun environment. Completing an Intro Level training will give the student the confidence to proceed to a camp or tournament environment.

Level 2

  • For players with 1- 3 years of experience. Designed to reinforce basic fundamentals and provide drills and feedback to improve on those skills. Note- we recommend that all players take a Level 2 training session to become familiar with the 805 approach and common drills.

Level 3

  • Recommended for players with 3+ years of experience. Level 3 training is intended for players with solid fundamentals who are ready to improve their game with fast paced drills.

Level 4

  • Designed for dedicated and advanced players who are ready to take their game to the next level. High school ages only.

Types of Training

Core Fundamentals

  • Because every good lacrosse player is built from a solid foundation, this training will focus on the basics of stickwork (emphasis on becoming competent and confident with both hands), ground ball technique, and some basic transition, offensive, and defensive concepts.

Position Specific

  • Focused on basic concepts and techniques for each position. Players will learn and improve the skills essential to their chosen position.

Shooting and Dodging

  • Using 805 Lacrosse Academy’s extensive bank of drills, players will develop techniques to become a dynamic scorer.

Specialty Clinics

  • Goalies
    • Probably the most important position on the field, and quite often the least coached at the youth level. The 805 Academy coaches have many years of experience coaching the goalie position.
  • Face-Offs
    • Focused on teaching proper stance, basic to advanced draw moves, and common counter-moves, our face-off training will give you the tools to be successful in what is quickly becoming a premier position in lacrosse.
  • Speed and Agility
    • Improve your overall athleticism by doing fun and effective drills with our resident strength and conditioning coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the sessions, and how much does each training cost?

There will be one hour long session each week, and the training costs $175 for six total sessions. Please confirm the exact dates of each training on the registration page.

How many students are in each training group?

In order to provide the best feedback and instruction for each individual player, sessions will consist of 6-8 students.

Who will be coaching the clinics?

The coaches of 805 Lacrosse Academy all have extensive high level playing and coaching experience. There will be one coach for each training. Our staff works together throughout the year, so drills and concepts will be taught consistently from one session to the next.